Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds actively imports new DNA from Europe in order to maintain a healthy gene pool. This has involved many trips to Finland and elsewhere in Europe, importing three Finnish females to date, a male, and frozen semen from Finland and the Netherlands.  We typically plan only a few litters annually and maintain a waiting list.  We breed and raise puppies to the gold standard in all areas of conformation, health, temperament, structure, and intelligence.


If you are interested in a puppy, you will need to be willing to get to know us, go through a screening process, and be willing to wait for a puppy.  The screening process includes completing a questionarie, in person or phone/Skype interviews, and may include a house visit or a requirement to meet us in person at a dog show. You will not be able to pick a puppy off the shelf- something which we are often asked. We get to know you and do formal temperament testing, before we determine which puppies will go to which homes.


We are foremost committed to being show breeders. We prioritize people committed to showing dogs in conformation or performance, and interested in helping us keep a few appropriate dogs in the gene pool. If we do not do this, there will not be Finnish Lapphunds in future generations.  Dogs remaining in the gene pool are typically sold with strings attached including but not limited to requirements to do health testing, show, and keep us involved as co-owners or with an agreement that we may use a boy for future breeding purposes (often called a stud agreement). This helps us ensure the security of the breed and our lines.


Bearspaw is known for our show dogs, and this is not all we do. Show breeders do not place all the dogs we breed in show homes- we are selective. We seek the right situation for each puppy. We have a special interest in service and pet therapy dogs. We also do also have some pet puppies available from time to time, and are happy to have placed fantastic pet puppies in forever homes.


We follow the highest standards in health testing as per our parent club in Finland and current vet science.  All of our litters are carefully planned. We review dozens of pedigrees for every match we make, and the best match is sometimes not "the local dog".  We also will stop breeding a dog if he or she becomes unhealthy due to a hereditary condition at any point in his or her life, or if we have concerns about what a dog has produced.


We provide the gold standard in neonatal care for the mother and babies. We take full advantage of modern technology and medical care to provide the best for mothers and babies.


Puppies are typically transfered to their new homes after they are 8 weeks of age. They are vaccinated, microchipped, and have papers with the Canadian Kennel Club. Puppies raised by us participate in our well researched socialization program (see “How We Raise Puppies”). We offer a lifetime of support for all the puppies we breed, including providing resources and answering questions.


We do not ship young puppies unaccompanied, or with a third part we do not know. We do not believe that it is healthy for their development as a result of natural fear periods and unexpected complications in shipping. We also insist upon meeting people in person if they are going to purchase one of our puppies.  Puppy buyers must come up in person to pick up their puppy or arrange (at puppy buyers expense) to have one of us travel out with the puppy.


If you are interested in a puppy, please complete our Questionnaire. Completion of the Questionnaire is mandatory pre-screening for our waiting list.


We have successfully exported Finnish Lapphunds to several countries. This includes to the United States after the CDC regulation changes in 2014, Belgium, and back to Finland. We are happy to answer questions for those interested in a Bearspaw puppy.

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