The following fantastic Bearspaw bred dogs are arranged in drop down folders. They are arranged from oldest to youngest. Thanks to the wonderful people in the Bearspaw network and the incredible work they are doing with these puppies!

What is a performance dog?

Photo collage of UAGI UR01 Bearspaw Veikka Annapurna NJC, TN-N, RATI, RATN, RATO,  NFP, RN, "Laika" provided by Gayle Garbush. Photo collage by Creative Indulgence.

Performance dogs compete in a variety of dog sports including agility, obedience, rally-o, barn hunt, dock diving, weight pulling, skjoring, sledding, herding trials, dog dancing, and other fun events. Finnish Lapphunds are well suited to a variety of Performance sports. The sports are judged by a number of groups, including the CKC, AKC, NADAC, UKC, and others. Performance dogs may be intact or spayed/neutered, and may or may not be used as breeding stock. Of course, many dogs compete in both conformation and performance events.


What is a conformation dog?

The purpose of conformation is to evaluate and choose future breeding stock. As a result, most dogs qualifying for a conformation title are required to be intact. Conformation dogs are trained, and handled by their owners or professional handlers. After a dog meets certain requirements, it qualifies for a championship title. In the United States and Canada, this is based upon a certain number of dogs defeated. Each dog much have one or more major wins (depending upon country), which involve beating a prescribed number of dogs at the same time.


Several Bearspaw bred dogs are competing in conformation in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Some of them are owned outright by their owners, others are co-owned with us. Some of these dogs may play a future role in our breeding program here. Others are contributing to other breeding programs.

UAGII UR01 Bearspaw Veikka Annapurna NJC, TN-N, RATI, RATN, RATO, RATS, RATM, NFP, RN, ICC, IAC, NAC, NAP, HCT, NJP "Laika"

UAGII UR01 Bearspaw Veikka Annapurna, NJC,




Shown in NADAC, AKC, and UKC agility, barn hunt, and rally-o. Also training in weight pull.


Owner/Handler: Gayle Garbush

Owner: David Pater

Photo by: Sandra Miller


Eyes: Normal

PRA: Non-carrier via parentage


First Finnish Lapphund bred by us to win agility titles. The first, and one of few Finnish Lapphunds in North America to hold barn hunt titles. Thanks to Gayle and David for taking wonderful care of her and promoting Finnish Lapphunds in performance events. Gayle has been involved in purebred dogs for decades. Gayle and David currently also have a Norwegian Buhund, Darby.

BE Ch Bearspaw Veikka Karakoram, "Isha"

Be Ch Bearspaw Veikka Karakoram, "Isha"


Owner/Handler: Brenda Dauwens, Kennel van Jacanashof (Belgium)


Also handled by Brenda's daughter, Alicia Raeman


Photographer: Brenda Dauwens


Eyes: Normal

PRA: Non-carrier via parentage

Hips: B/B


First North American bred Finnish Lapphund to complete a conformation title anywhere outside North America. Thanks to Brenda, Alicia, and family for taking wonderful care of her. Brenda and her family have been involved with Finnish Lapphunds for over a decade. "Isha" is the proud dam of two litters under Brenda's kennel name.

Bearspaw Take a Chance on Me, "Onni"

Bearspaw Take a Chance on Me, "Onni"


Shown in conformation


Owner/Handler: Steven Miller

Owners: Steven and Sandra Miller (Chinarose Kennel)


Photographer: Sandra Miller (Grafitti Imagery)


Eyes: Normal

PRA: Non-carrier via parentage

Pompe Disease (GSD II): Non-carrier via parentage

Hips: OFA Good (B)

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellae: OFA Normal


"Onni" is the first Finnish Lapphund owned by Sandra and Steven Miller. Steven Miller is an AKC Chow Chow breeder judge. Sandra is a second generation dog person and a former junior handler. The couple have been involved in purebred dogs for decades. Sandra is a professional artist by trade, with special focus on canine art. Her eye for Onni and other Lappies has been a blessing for art lovers in the breed. Onni has a great life, and gets to be the inspiration for lots of beautiful artwork by Sandra!

BBPIG Bearpaw Fame of Owenbriar, "Fame"

BBPIG Bearspaw Fame of Owenbriar, "Fame"


Shown in conformation


Owner/Handler: Linda Owens (Owenbriar Kennel)

Co-owner: Leeza Friedman-Prokopishyn


Photos provided by Linda Owens


Pompe (GSD II): Non-carrier via parentage

Eyes: Normal at 8 weeks


"Fame" is the first Finnish Lapphund owned by Linda Owens. Linda has been breeding Keeshonden for decades. She has shown them in conformation and obedience. "Fame" is the first Lappy bred by us to place in the new Baby Puppy group. We are grateful that she has a fantastic home with Linda, and Kees playmates. All reports are that Fame has the same awesome personality as Ruska and Foxy, and loves life!

Bearspaw Lakka, "Lyka"

Bearspaw  Lakka



Pointed in the CKC with a BOS win at the AKC/Purina National weekend


Owners: The Rea Family

 Handler: Madison Bernardin (Ferron) and Lisa Jowett



More soon!

Bearspaw Kettukarkki O' the Sea, HT, CTL-1-H "Rowan"

Bearspaw  Kettukarkki O' The Sea, HT, CTH-1-H



EYES: OFA Normal


Training for conformation and performance

Has already completed an AKC Star Puppy, demonstrated herding instinct, and started in Search and Rescue training/conditioning


Owners: Mary Davidson (Leos by the Sea Kennel)Leeza Friedman-Prokopishyn, Lynn Baker, and Dr. Nicole Prokopishyn


MBBPIG Bearspaw Lumi, "Snow"

MBBPIG Bearspaw  Lumi



Training for conformation


Owner: Valerie Lapointe

(Elevage Boreal Aurora in Quebec)


BOW, BP in Breed at the FLCC Bootser, Ontario, 2016 for a major win at 6 months old!

Multiple Best Puppy in Group winner in the FCC

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