For queries related to judges education, mentorship questions, speaking requests, and stud services:

Dr. Nicole Prokopishyn and Elizabeth ("Leeza") Friedman-Prokopishyn



Completing the Questionnarie is required if you would like to be on our waiting list for a puppy.  It is the first step in our screening process. If you are curious if this is the breed for you, we either ask that you meet us at a dog show, or complete the Questionnarie so we can learn about your lifestyle. Thanks!


At one time, we honoured requests from members of the public to visit our home as a first in person contact. This often included people seeking companion Lappies or simply wanting to meet the breed. We found that this often took hours out of our day, and unfortunately took needed time away from the dogs. As a result, we ask that people interested in learning more about the breed read our website, meet us at a dog show, or contact a Finnish Lapphund breed club. Please contact us about our show schedule if meeting us at a show is of interest.


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