Read about the Bearspaw Advantage


At Bearspaw, we don't just strive to breed the best, we strive to raise the best. If you have read other parts of the website, you know that we start with the best DNA, and do the highest standards in health testing. Then, we follow our programme to socialise the puppies. We are very proud of the puppies we breed, and it shows.


At a minimum, we raise puppies to fit in as house dogs, and do socialisation to maximize ability to be trained later in life.  This is a real "Bearspaw advantage," to have a great start in life.  Not all dogs are raised the same, and that goes for Finnish Lapphunds too.


Here the the things we do for the puppies, to help them get an amazing start to life:



1. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), a technique which has been well researched by the US military.


2. Rule of Sevens Socialization, which includes exposure to normal life events expected for a house dog.


3. Early Clicker Training (usually one command), to create an association between people, food, the the sound of the clicker.


4. Early exposure to crate training, starting with crate games, and building towards ability to tolerate brief periods in crates.


5. Use of natural, reusable, washable bedding.


6. We feed high quality kibble.


7. Box training young puppies -- we have done this for years, and it helps shape towards housebreaking. We use ABM bedding, which is all natural as well.


8. Evaluating for structure and temperament -- whether for family pets, show dogs, performance dogs, pet therapy, or service dogs.


9.  "Hands on" approach with raising the puppies. Puppies get handled, cuddled, and socialised at all stages of their development.


10.  Raising puppies in the house, under foot for the entire time we raise them -- not in a basement, barn, heated garage, or sterile kennel space. Puppies live and sleep with us.


11.  Early exposure to other “normal” activities- clipping nails, brushing, baths, household sounds, etc.


12.  Follow a standard vaccination schedule, microchip, and de-worm puppies.


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